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  • Superior Tool Repair has been servicing our customers for 20 years with superior repairs AND superior customer service!

  • We repair Signode, Acme, Fromm, JK, Orgapack, Titan and other strapping tools.

  • If you have old obsolete strapping tools, i.e.: GNT, C11D6 or C11D10, don't throw them away, parts are still available. Other obsolete tools, call 800-598-2425, we can possible remanufacture your parts.

  • A two day turn around is the goal of Superior Tool Repair. We also have Rental Programs to accomodate your needs.

  • Free estimates are available on all tool repairs and if the estimate exceeds 50% of the cost of a new tool, we will contact you to discuss your options.

  • Our qualified technicians, test, tear down, wash and inspect your tools.  After your tool is repaired, it is re-tested several times before shipping.  We take stock in "SAFETY"  not  "BANDAIDS"!

  • We stock a large selection of "Rebuilt" tools for Steel strapping and Plastic strapping..

  • Superior Tool Repair has a large selection of parts, including remanufactured parts, saving you even more money on your strapping tool repairs.

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